Friday, December 19, 2008

ShadowGlen Neighbor Christmas

We are so lucky to be surrounded by great families. We all got together to celebrate Christmas tonight with great food and friends. Each child picked one name to buy for...Jack made Madison's night by giving her a "High School Musical" fleece blanket and Jayden made Jack's night by giving him 100 Mega Blocks! He loves them! Jack was a bit under the weather but couldn't help having a good time as he is the only male among 9 girls. What a great ratio for a little guy! (Plus, there's two more girls on the way! If you want a girl, come to Manor to drink the water)


ijacobs said...

Hi Jack, I love your blog. And your pictures, is no nice o see you. Say hello to your Mom and Daddy for me OK, Also when you see your friends Garret, Emerson, Keeley, Dalton, Sophia and Noah tell them that I miss them too. I will check later on to see more. Ciao Jack.
Isabel Jacobs

The Chaplins said...

Looks like a great time was had by all...we miss you guys.