Sunday, March 29, 2009


So...if you're reading this and you remember "Mold-A-Rama's" at the zoo, or anywhere for that manner, please leave me a comment! They say that smell evokes memories...well, so true when I saw the Mold-A-Rama machine. Growing up, our local zoo had these machines, you watch the mold being made and the smell of the wax brought me back to being 6 years old. I wonder if Jack will put the black gorilla Mold-A-Rama in Kate's easter basket and tell her it's chocolate like my sister did to me. I also wonder, were the 2 Mold-A-Ramas that we bought at the zoo today the only ones they sold...?

San Antonio Zoo

Today we went to the San Antonio Zoo! We rode the train, went to the kiddie beach area (Jack wasn't so sure about the sand on his feet) and looked at all the animals. What a day! Jack was asleep before we were even out of the parking lot, what a trooper. Kate was so taken with the zoo that she slept for almost the whole outing!!! Team Turpin gives the zoo a thumbs up and recommends to all...don't forget to print your $1 off coupon before you go! Thanks for the recommedation Sara!

Nanny Grandma Has Arrived!

Thank Goodness! We are lucky to have Grandma for two weeks to take care of Miss Kate (and us!) as I go back to work. Immediately off the plane we took her for a walk at Town Lake, followed by a coffee at Mozart's Coffee Shop on the water. We soaked in the sunshine while Grandpa waited for the snow to fall in Wisconsin. He was shoveling snow while we shoveled sunshine! God bless Texas!

Miss Independent

Is it really the eve of my return to work? Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was shocking Dan with the news that "Guess what! We're pregnant!" It is again with a heavy heart that I will drive off to work tomorrow morning, although Kate will be in very good hands (my mom for two weeks!). We are so blessed to have you as our new addition and love you more than you will ever know. Thank you Miss Kate for already showing me the joys of having a daughter, for being patient with us as we learn about you and your needs and for being such a sweet little baby that puts up with a big brother that sometimes forgets to "be gentle!" with you when he pats you on the head. You are such a sweet little girl and I look forward to so many fun times with you. Know that I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have become the "Count" from Sesame Street

It seems that every night I am counting how long Kate has slept without my having to nurse her. I was shocked this morning to count SEVEN! Yes, seven hours...I know not to get too excited yet but I'll take even ONE night of it! Way to go Miss Kate!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Big Night at the Turpins...

You seasoned parents probably remember this rite of passage...the "Big Boy Bed." Well, the time has come as our son has turned into monkey overnight! Jack will be debuting his big bed tonight as well as Little Miss Kate will be saying goodbye to her co-sleeper and sleeping on her own in her "Big Girl Crib." We'll see how it goes...wish us luck!

Austin Rodeo 2009

We headed to the rodeo today, what an adventure with two children! Our good friends are part of a Cook Off and we enjoyed the fruits of their labors...yummy brisket and sausage, shrimp off the BBQ...yum! It made the trek with two kids worth it! Jack enjoyed the petting zoo and saw Elsie the cow. Kate was more interested in sleeping and nursing. I think it was a lot for her to take in, poor little thing! I am sure she was thinking...10 weeks ago, I was in a much more peaceful place!

Chef "Jacque Turpin" de la French Provence

French Toast anyone? Dan and Jack made breakfast this morning, luckily most pieces of bread made it in the bowl before Jack took bites out of them! I guess even the best of chefs needs to taste their own ingredients!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jack..... Don't even think about it!

Ahhh. St Patty's Day Luck 'O the Irish. Where is my Uncle Andrew and Aunt Erin when we need them? Hmm...Uncle Murphy, Where are you? A trip to the local for a little mothers milk this week.....Great suggestion mom....Kate obviously needs to lay off the sauce.....Slancha (Cheers!) ~Dad

Barnam's Animal Crackers

Thanks Grandma for the animal crackers! Grandma Venzke is coming next week to "nanny" for Kate for two weeks while Mom goes back to work. We are going to head to the San Antonio Zoo for a day, I can't wait! I hear there are awesome things to see and a little "beach" to play in if it's warm. Here's hoping!

Don't let a sweet face fool you!

Ahhhh...the dreaded call/text from your daycare provider..."Jack has been crying for 2 hours and just seems sad." I'll be right there...forget the haircut appointment, hurry home and be mom. What an afternoon...days like these make me feel like I will never return to normal. Jack clinging at my leg while Kate is nursing, one starts to cry, then the other. One starts to take a nap and the dogs bark, waking up the sleeping child. (Where is the nearest pound we often wonder??? MURPHY!) One goes down for a nap and the minute my behind hits the couch for a moment of respite, I hear the babygate rattling upstairs. Is a dog up there? No, it is Jack who crawled out of his crib and is trying to get downstairs. Out goes the mattress from the crib and onto the floor for a night of zzzz's before Dan and I can put together the "big boy bed." People really were serious when they said a full nights sleep would be a long time from now. Thank goodness for a partner to share the joys of parenting with me and to soothe a crying child (and sometimes ME!) when he gets home!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top of the morning to y'all! Happy St. Patrick's Day...thanks Grandma for the cute outfits, the pictures hardly do justice! I guess you can't have cute pictures everytime!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wonder Woman

If any of you have spent any amount of time with Jack, you know that he is wild, adventurous, full of energy and...well, a handful! But in a good handful sort of way. However, it is a special someone that loves and cares for him while we are at work week after week. Leah, our daycare provider is the Turpin's version of "Wonder Woman." Really, we don't know what we would do without her! We admire her patience, ability to always have a smile on her face, her flexibility and that she always looks like a million dollars when we drop Jack off in the morning. How she finds the energy and the time, we'll never know. So, a huge thanks to Leah for being Jack's constant caretaker and for helping him grow into the happy young boy that he is!
P.S. We couldn't acknowledge Leah without acknowledging Isabel too (we need a picture of her!)...she loves Jack like her own, finds humor in all his actions and hasn't lost one battle yet when changing his diaper. Isabel, thanks for all you do for Jack!

Tea Party

Jack was invited to his friend, Sophia's, third birthday party. It was a tea party theme and so cute! Jack was much more interested in the buffet table filled with plenty of goodies than the "tea party" part, he is my son! Kate enjoyed the dress- up clothes that were provided and was bummed that she didn't get to enjoy the yummy cake served at the end. All in due time my dear!