Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hangin' Around

Last night Dan told me that he had a conversation with Kate where the topic of "brothers" came up. Dan asked her "Who is my brother?" and she replied "Jack." Dan explained to her that Jack is her brother and his brother is Uncle Andrew. Dan told me that he knows this was probably the first of many conversations with her about Jack that will go deeper than just "Jack's your brother. This is a picture of Jack. You and Jack had fun together..." et cetera. Tonight, I asked her who her brother is and she said "Jack" and pointed to the framed picture we have of him downstairs. The picture is up high on a ladder bookshelf type display and I couldn't believe she even knew it was there. I said "Do you know where Jack is?" and proceeded to tell her that "Jack is in heaven and he will be waiting a very long time there for you." She replied, "Jack's hanging out with Evan?" Yep Kate, it's quite possible! The sweet innocence in regards to such a tender topic makes me heart swell.