Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enough Already Mom!

Family Connections Playgroup

We had class 3 today of our playgroup. We are really enjoying it, learning things and making new friends (Mom and Jack!). Today there was a speaker about how to calm a toddler (and yourself!). The activity for the kids besides playing with the zillion of toys in the playroom was touching/spreading shaving cream. Jack did not like the texture at all but had a great time running around and holding the can. As the teacher read a story to the group, Jack let out a huge sigh. Everyone started laughing because it sounded like he was trying to say without words, "Come on lady, let's get this over with!" Of course, Kate slept through the entire class. :) Why can't she do that at 3 am?


I start this with a disclaimer, I am in NO WAY saying that Jack is potty-trained or will be anytime soon! When I picked Jack up from daycare today, Leah said, "You'll never guess what Jack did today!" I am thinking, "Oh no, he bit, hit, threw, jumped on the dog..." She continued to tell me that they are potty training two of the girls and are continually asking "Do you have to go potty?" to them. When they asked the girls today, Jack intercepted and answered, "Yes!" They took him to the potty, sat him down, and he went. Love it. At least we saved one diaper from the landfill!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Clearly the girl hasn't missed a meal. Like mother like daughter.

Thursday Morning Playgroup

Jack and Kate are participating in a 5-week playgroup at a local family non-profit organization called "Family Connections." We have a great time because the whole family goes (Dan is off on Thursday mornings) and our buddy James and Jessie are there! Jack definitely makes his presence known at class, it's safe to say that everyone knew his name before the first class was half over. It's also safe to say that Jack's participation is a bit more substantial than Miss Kate's. The teacher keeps saying, "I can't believe she sleeps through all of this!"

Believe it or not!

Jack actually sat down to do an art project at playgroup. He did a wonderful job putting sticker dots on a red piece of construction paper. So cute...I can't wait until he is writing his name with letters backwards and drawing stick figures of his family. They are going to be framed all over our house!

Mom loves my shirt. It says...


Monday, February 23, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kate's First Dollar

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch at a brewery in Austin called "North by Northwest." As I waited in the bar for her arrival, a server walked by and stopped to gush over Kate. As he was telling me how cute she was, he was digging in his pocket. He handed me a dollar bill and said "This is for her book, her first dollar." I thanked the server while trying to mask my look of confusion. I guess I don't ever want Kate to get in the habit of "collecting" dollar bills from strange men! There are so many other professions for her to be interested in...
P.S. I should mention that he was obviously from a different country originally based on his accent, maybe that explains a bit more!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Three's a Crowd!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Unfortunately the Turpins have not been exempt from the winter cold. All of us, even Kate included feel awful! Valentine's Day was quite uneventful but Jack enjoyed opening presents and you can see from the photo that Kate was content just to sleep. (Thanks Leah for the cute V-day onesie and Tami for the Snoopy V-day shirt!) We had planned a surf and turf dinner from Costco but that will have to wait for a later we settled for orange juice and Vic's Dayquil medicine. How life changes with children! :)

Ready! Set! Hike!