Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Grandparents Visit

Man! They weren't kidding when my parents told me that I would be spoiled being the first grandbaby on both sides. My moms parents came to visit last weekend while Daddy was in Seattle. We had so much fun! Grandma took me shopping while Mom got a facial. We browsed through Target and I got a "bat cap" for Halloween. I didn't give Grandma any trouble, I slept most of the time! Grandpa was a little nervous holding me at first because I am still pretty tiny (In fact, someone called me a premie! Mom corrected them right away!) but quickly caught on. Grandma read to me a lot, my favorite was the "Roller Coaster" book from Grandpa and she gave me a bath all by herself. Mom and Dad still have to do it together. Grandpa tried to keep the dogs busy so they wouldn't lick my face as much. Mom got a few extra naps in and Grandma made some yummy meals that Mom was very happy about. Mom and I were very sad to see them go so I spit up on Grandma right before she left for the airport. My plan worked! She was able to smell me all the way home and missed me immediately. She said she can't wait to come back. Me too!! Love, Jack!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Almost 3 weeks!

...and we're still surviving! Jack has acclimated well to a house full of dog...Murphy and Finn have definitely started to feel 2nd and 3rd fiddle, and Finn's frisbee time has really been limited. They love having something to lick and Jack seems to not be bothered by it a bit.
Jack has definitely acquired Dan's and my love for eating...he gained 10 oz. in 6 days at our first doctor visit. Wow! I had told everyone he and I were working hard on it and the proof is in the numbers.
Dan has gone back to work which is a bummer and we definitely miss him throughout the day but he is trying his best to get home on time so I can catch a nap before the sun goes down. Jack's belly definitely has an alarm clock in it that goes off every 3 hours, "Feed Me! Feed Me!" it rings.
We're gearing up for Grandma and Grandpa Venzke to come to finally meet their first grandchild, we're all excited and can't wait for the 6th to arrive. Jack doesn't have any clue how much he is going to be spoiled. It pays to be the first grandchild on BOTH sides!