Monday, March 16, 2009

Wonder Woman

If any of you have spent any amount of time with Jack, you know that he is wild, adventurous, full of energy and...well, a handful! But in a good handful sort of way. However, it is a special someone that loves and cares for him while we are at work week after week. Leah, our daycare provider is the Turpin's version of "Wonder Woman." Really, we don't know what we would do without her! We admire her patience, ability to always have a smile on her face, her flexibility and that she always looks like a million dollars when we drop Jack off in the morning. How she finds the energy and the time, we'll never know. So, a huge thanks to Leah for being Jack's constant caretaker and for helping him grow into the happy young boy that he is!
P.S. We couldn't acknowledge Leah without acknowledging Isabel too (we need a picture of her!)...she loves Jack like her own, finds humor in all his actions and hasn't lost one battle yet when changing his diaper. Isabel, thanks for all you do for Jack!

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