Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't let a sweet face fool you!

Ahhhh...the dreaded call/text from your daycare provider..."Jack has been crying for 2 hours and just seems sad." I'll be right there...forget the haircut appointment, hurry home and be mom. What an afternoon...days like these make me feel like I will never return to normal. Jack clinging at my leg while Kate is nursing, one starts to cry, then the other. One starts to take a nap and the dogs bark, waking up the sleeping child. (Where is the nearest pound we often wonder??? MURPHY!) One goes down for a nap and the minute my behind hits the couch for a moment of respite, I hear the babygate rattling upstairs. Is a dog up there? No, it is Jack who crawled out of his crib and is trying to get downstairs. Out goes the mattress from the crib and onto the floor for a night of zzzz's before Dan and I can put together the "big boy bed." People really were serious when they said a full nights sleep would be a long time from now. Thank goodness for a partner to share the joys of parenting with me and to soothe a crying child (and sometimes ME!) when he gets home!


Jen and Shawn Day said...

Whoa... What a day, week, month, year! Hopefully things will slow down at least for a half hour bath with no disruptions. Good luck!!!

Franklin and Lisa Spees said...

This could describe my life.... EVERY DAY!

Sara Ballard said...

ah, sigh. It WILL slow down and get easier, I promise. You know we are here if you need anything (except more sleep, I can't help with that. ;) )