Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lions Eye Bank

I know I said I was only going to blog one more time but how could I pass up this? We received this in the mail today from the Lions Eye Bank, so sweet. And, can you believe that the Lions Eye Bank is in Manor? I couldn't believe that this tiny no-grocery-store-town we live in is where all the donated eyes come to! It was like Jack was coming home! Thanks to the Lions Eye Bank for making our donation seem so special!


Amber and Aurora said...

I love that you have two blogs... things will always come up that are more appropriate for this blog, and I for one am touched by every post. But Kate TOTALLY needs her own fun blog! You guys are the best parents. Seriously.

The Lunoff Adventures said...

We miss Jack terribly and your donation of his eyes is a true living testiment of how amazing both of you are and your love for Jack.