Thursday, October 15, 2009

A few answers

Today we received a call from the Medical Examiner (who has been absolutely wonderful). He confirmed that the CDC tested Jack's tissue and it was NOT influenza or H1N1. Again, he did NOT pass away due to the flu or H1N1. They still suspect some sort of viral lung infection and are continuing to try to figure out more, as that is still such a mystery. I am so relieved to hear that it is not H1N1...I did not want it to be that for numerous reasons. Additional testing is being done and we may never know the cause or they may find is still a mystery to the professionals involved.
I do not need to have an answer but I appreciate all the work that is being done to find one. Leave it to Mr. Jack to pass away peacefully and to keep us all on our toes trying to figure out why! God bless that little sweetie! Our memories are warming our heart continually.
We are all doing well, are loving our support group (For the Love of all are amazing there) and have managed to laugh everyday. Thank you all for lifting us up when we have needed it most. I have started the process of writing thank you notes and wrote to the two EMT's who were here that evening. I had a phone number for them and thought it was their station. When I called to get their address, I learned that it was actually one of the EMT's cell phone. I was so happy to be able to express to him personally how grateful we were for his (Woody) and Adam's work. What a gift to be able to talk to him and tell him we know they did EVERYTHING they could. I know the night was not easy for them and I am forever grateful for their work.
Thanks to our neighbor, Madison (friend of Jack and our friend too!), who created a wonderful piece of art for us as shown in this blog! We love it!


Amber and Aurora said...

What a beautiful drawing. It's just perfect.

angela.emitchell said...

I would say that is the most perfect drawing ever!
God Bless you little Jack, and yes you will be in more hearts then there are stars in the sky.

First Time Mom said...

You continue to amaze us with your grace and strength. What a gift you gave those EMTs, and what a gift you give all mothers in sharing your loss and the light you are able to see through the clouds. Thank you for sharing.

The Lunoff Adventures said...

Sooo glad to hear it wasn't H1N1. I'm glad the experts are still trying to determine what was the cause. I love the drawing. I remember it from the celebration service and love love the halo and wings. So perfect for Jack!