Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the Love of Christi...and JACK!

We have been so blessed to receive so much support for our "bench" for Jack. We are in the process of working with Travis County to see if we can have one placed at East Metropolitan Park, where we had Jack's celebration.
We continue to attend "For the Love of Christi," (FLOC) an AMAZING non-profit organization that has a support group every Monday. It was founded by two fantastic individuals, Don and Susan Cox who lost their daughter, Christi. We feel at home there and it seems that all the people we have met have unconditional love and support for us and even though they never met Jack, I feel like they know him. Every Monday when we walk into FLOC, it is like walking into our own home.
FLOC does not charge a fee for any of their services. Dan and I decided that we wanted to donate some of Jack's bench money to the organization because we know they have and will continue to be instrumental in our healing. On November 8th, a documentary is being shown by the creators. They are seeking businesses and people that would contribute $500 to be sponsors, to help raise money FLOC. We decided that JACK! should be a sponsor as our tiny token of appreciation. His picture will be shown in the "Preview Reel" before the movie starts and FLOC is so appreciative of us doing this. Really?! It is the least we can do and truly...it is not us doing it, it is all of you who have showered us with donations for Jack's bench. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to do something extra!
If you're interested, Dan and I will be in the audience. This is a great documentary for anyone who has experienced a loss. Feel free to join us but bring your own popcorn!

From their website: http://www.spacebetweenbreaths.com/news/15-austin-screening
Why are we here? Is it possible to find true happiness after a great loss? The answers to some of life's most important questions are explored in SPACE BETWEEN BREATHS, a powerful, uplifting film, which looks at the potential in grief and to the ways it can become a motivational, transformational force in our lives. Featuring conversations with parents who have lost a child, including those whose loved ones died at Columbine, on September 11th, and a mother whose son was one of the first U.S. soldiers to die in Iraq, SPACE BETWEEN BREATHS offers an inspired and healing perspective on loss which will transform the way you live and love.

P.S. I guess I fibbed when I said that I wasn't going to post again until Jack's bench was ready! Thanks for reading! There just always seems something too good not to share!


angela.emitchell said...

I think that is a wonderful thing to do. I watched a little intro on their website.. I wish I could be there, but I will in my heart.
Please continue to share, share, and share.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a beautiful thing and wish we would have had something like this when we needed it. I am thinking I may want to join you, but I certainly am not wanting to intrude or want you to feel like I am trying to equate our loss with yours. It just looks like a beautiful way to remember our childred.