Friday, September 25, 2009

Some answers

Today has been indescribable and we thank everyone for their support and love. We met with the Medical Examiner's office and leared that Jack had a viral infection that caused hemorraging in his lungs. We don't know why Jack could not fight off the viral infection as others possible could and it is unclear why it happened so quickly. We do know that there is nothing we would have been able to do which eases the pain a bit.
We are surrounded by family and tons of food. We are hoping for some sleep tonight and know we have one amazing angel watching us from above.

A huge thanks to our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Jack Louis. He went above and beyond for us today, ensuring that Kate is healthy and safe and helping us to understand what happened to the best that he can guess. There are still so many questions that will probably never get answered. Dr. Louis, thank you for your compassion, caring, and love you always gave to Jack and that you gave us today.

If you live in Austin and are having a baby...we would recommend Dr. Louis! 458-6717.

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Amelia and Jasiah Brown said...

Dearest Turpin's
We we deeply sadden by the news of Jack. I could not believe or understand it. I was able to share your photos and video of Jack with Jasiah. He especially loved Jack's fort. Jack touched many lives especially ours in the short time that we knew him. Jasiah spoke of Jack often and loved to play with him at daycare. We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. You are an example to many with your strength in this difficult time.