Thursday, September 3, 2009

"IT'S A NEW DAYcare."

It is with much gratitude and luck that we write a follow up posting about our daycare situation! Of course, this is still very new but we have been so pleased with our new situation. We had a pretty good idea that Jack and Kate would have it pretty good when another 2 year-old that is there told us "We read stories here!" with an enthusiasm I would usually save for winning the lottery. I told our new provider that is the best advertisement she could get! She converted her garage into a wonderful play area that is decorated with art work, pictures, educational toys, et cetera. I brought a pack-n-play for Kate which I noticed was replaced by a nice wooden sleigh crib. She had also taken a picture of our family and has it in a toy that holds pictures, on the side of the crib for Kate to see. She is learning how Jack has a lot of energy and is patiently working with him to have "gentle touches" and takes him to the potty every 90 minutes. A sensory table outside has something different in it everyday for the kiddos to play and the outside playhouse with a huge chalkboard has kept Jack BUSY! There is much structure, play and education hosted by an amazing woman who has a heart for children and a deep pride in her work. We feel so lucky and hope the luck continues! When we left on Tuesday, Jack reached out for her and wanted to be held by her as she helped me to the car with Kate. Awesome!

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