Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dogs Love and Dogs Know...

Do dogs have human feelings? Do dogs know when we're hurting? Do they wish they had words to use to let us know they feel our pain or wish to take it away? Did Murph and Finn know that something was wrong with Jack before we did? Did they smell something the human nose can't detect before Jack went to bed and were so frustrated because they couldn't communicate that to us? When we finally let them out of the stairway after Jack was pronounced dead and Murph started licking Jack's face...did he know? Was Murphy saying goodbye or trying to do what he could to bring Jack back to life?
The beauty is that like Jack's death, there will never be answers to my above questions besides what I think and believe. Although they are canines, I believe that the loss of Jack is profound for them as well. The night that Jack died, Murph and Finn sat stoically behind the stairs watching intently. I don't think they made a noise, they were surveying everything and as people walked in and out, they didn't bark as they normally would. It was almost like they were sitting there praying themselves. It was evident they felt sad and could pick up on the emotions of everyone. They had an eerie calm to them and their loyalty did not falter. God Bless Murphy and Finnegan! We know we don't give you as much attention since the kiddos came but we love you just as much!
If I could have anything for Christmas I would ask for the obvious that we all know that as much as Santa wants, he can't even bring that (and I have been very good!) and for the ability to have just one conversation with Murph and Finn. And believe me, I would certainly NOT forget to ask Finn "Why in the world have you been passing such offensive gas so frequently lately?"
Murph and Finn...your unconditional love does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!!


angela.emitchell said...

YES I think they do know when we are hurting, when we need a special look, or just a silent pal to lay down beside us to let us know that we are not alone. I think Dogs are one of God's gifts to us here on earth. That they understand more than we think.
I also know that they loved Jack, as we all did, they miss him and probably dream of him eating his cupcakes after running around outside laughing non-stop chasing them both around until they were dizzy.
I say thank you for Finn and Murph, and for the joy that you brought Jack and others each day....
My thoughts are with you all daily.

Anne Witt said...

I agree that dogs know ... and love.

Lourdes said...

Finn's gas has been quite offensive lately....however,you gotta love him!

Murph and Finn are pure love!