Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big Wheel

Thank you to the many of you that have contacted us over the past few days, dropping off nice cards, a pointsettia, ornaments in memory of Jack to hang on our tree, texts, calls, et cetera!
It is Christmas Eve and we are doing well. Kate decided that she only needed a 30 minute nap so we kept busy while Dan was at work making "Christmas Cranberry Corn Muffins" for the dogs. They are in need of some TLC and I know the way to Finn and Murphy's heart is through food. Although, Murphy would settle for any kind of petting.
Christmas will be as usual this year! Yes, we have decked our halls in boughs of holly and have a beautiful tree and stockings hanging from the mantle. Some people have asked "Are you going to do all of that this year?" Of course! Then they will say, "Well, of course you are, you have do it for Kate." Yes, we do need to do it for Kate but we need and want to do it for ourselves too! I am still living, in fact, I am living better than I probably was before "that day" since we were taught at such a high price how valuable life and each day is.
I received a text today saying, "I can't believe it's been three months, thinking of you." I took it as a good sign that I didn't even realize that...I just thought of today as today!
Merry Christmas Everyone, have a fabulous evening and wonderful day tomorrow.
And for our little J-Boogie, I hope wherever you are...that you get a Big Wheel for Christmas! I would have done anything to have you here to buy you one myself. XOXO.


Anne Witt said...

Merry Christmas to all SIX Turpin family members! You are in my thoughts every day!

angela.emitchell said...

My thoughts have been with you all up here in MN lately as usual. I only wish for you all to have a Merry Merry Christmas. I bet Kate will have bunches of fun opening santa's treat tomorrow morning.
Bless you all, wishing you laughter, love and hugs as always,

jen kelley said...

Krissy and Dan, you are all in my thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY, but especially today!! I know this time of year is hard, but I am SO SO SO glad you wrote this post because it truly made me smile! You AMAZE me and I know Jack is at peace knowing that you are living your life and remembering his in such a wonderful way! Now I will go to bed thinking of your sweet Jack on his Big Wheel somewhere....smiling! Have a wonderful Christmas!