Sunday, August 23, 2009

The value of a dollar

Too good to be through...The Nifty Thrity...Second Time Around...Whatever the name of the Thrift Store, the Turpins love it and it has come to be a favorite pasttime and hobby of ours. Now...I must preface by saying that the thrift stores are different here...we don't know why but they are AWESOME! Anyways...we were thrilled today when Jack demonstrated to us that all his tagging along with us over the past two years has paid off. Today, he found a Little Tikes Bus with ALL the people that go in it, in tact, in great condition for $3.00. He put it in the cart himself so of course, we had to get it for him! A little bath for the bus and the people with bleach and soap...we're good to go. I am so glad at this tender age he already knows the value of a dollar and how to stretch it. That a boy...Suze Orman would be proud.
P.S. For those of you that don't know, I will be featured at some point in the "Can I Afford It?" segment of the Suze Orman Show...I don't know when it will air but I do know that my question will be the first one during that segment. What a fun experience!


GabbroGuy said...

Isn't the answer to "Can I afford it?" usually "If you have ask, then the answer is No."

Franklin and Lisa Spees said...

What was your question and how did she answer????