Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jack's Hawaiian Luau

Presents Everywhere!

The calm after the storm

Jack's birthday party was a Hawaiian theme (Thanks Dollar Tree!) this year. We tried to stay cool in the hot hot sun by providing several pools for kids to play in, a plunge slide (a crowd favorite), and cans of Lone Star for the adults. We had a bouncy house for kids to jump in, had a potato sack race, and attempted a water balloon toss. I blew up 100 balloons and they lasted maybe 8 seconds. Oh well! Thanks to Duane and Lourdes (affectionately known as "Lou Lou" to Jack) for giving Jack a HUGE palm tree pinata. It was bigger than some of the trees in our backyard and all the 17 kids in attendance had fun hitting it (with the exception of Sweet Baby Dylan, one month old now, he cuddled with Kate and brought her her first rose, so sweet!) Thanks to Aunt Jen and Uncle Kris for coming early to help set up, for making a zillion skewers of fruit and making the show run smoothly. We couldn't do it without you! Jack opened presents after everyone went home, the dining room was filled with fun toys and tissue paper. Thanks everyone, especially to the Fay Family for providing Jack with his favorite toy this year...the Little People Dump Truck. He even took it to bed with him tonight!

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Briana and George said...

Looks like a FUN party! Happy Birthday, Jack!