Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mom and Dad on the East Coast

While I was in the wonderful hands of my Nonna Turpin, Mom and Dad went to a wedding in Annapolis, visited friends in Baltimore, went to New York City and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. What a whirlwind!
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Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge
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Staten Island Ferry
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Central Park
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New York Public Library Lion
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View of Manhattan
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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


GabbroGuy said...

With all that time on their hands they didn't even come and visit family in DC? Rehoboth? Ugh. Well, some of us only want to see you anyway, Jack! Tell your Mommy that she's lookin' good.

Jen and Shawn Day said...

What a great dress Cage! I'm grateful for the picture by the lion statue... it's the only one in which I got to see your tummy!

How nice was it to have such a fun getaway?! (We're a lot envious...)