Friday, September 12, 2008

Jack's Shoes

I posted several photos lately where Jack's Crocs are undeniably horrific. I am not a fan of Crocs and feel I must explain why Jack is having a brief hiatus from his usual cute wardrobe...Jack is the ring bearer in his Uncle's wedding next week. He will be wearing a cute little tux and shoes. A few weeks ago, I put his Converse tennis shoes on. I put him on the ground and he screamed. It was like he had cement bricks on and was stuck in molasses. (We never put shoes on the kid!) He thought he couldn't lift his, in desperation to get him "shoe ready" for the Big Day, I thought he needed some light, slip-on shoes...hence the lime green Crocs I found at the thrift store (no surprise!) for $1.50. Yes, not my first pick, nor his, but they seem to be breaking him in very well. And to be honest, the color is so crazy that sometimes I think he thinks he has toys on his feet! Bless his heart.


Seeking Sara said...

Crocs may be ugly, but they are GREAT toddler shoes! :) They can put them on themselves and you can rinse them in the sink, what could be better for kiddo feet than that?

Jess Quance said...

I love 'em! They are cute on him.