Friday, September 12, 2008

Jack's Lil Sister Update

Mom wanted everyone to know that she had her 24-week sonogram today. All was wonderful. The sonographer said "Baby Turpin gets an 'A' on her tests and a 'W' for wild!" She also commented that the baby has long thighs and legs, "like her mother!" Like me too! ~Jack
P.S. Mom had to tell me what was in these pictures about 8 times before I could see it! The first one is my Lil Sis' head and the second is her feet together.


Jen and Shawn Day said...

Wow!!! 24 weeks is a big number in our family! It looks like things are going so well, from a mommy daddy getaway to fashionable footware for Jack, and if that weren't enough, a healthy and growing mini Krissy! We're so excited for you guys! I hope things continue to go ssssmoothly!

The Lunoff Adventures said...

How cute!

Amber said...

Awww, yay for teeny tiny baby girls!!!

You guys are just traveling all over the place these days! I hope the wedding shoes work out :)