Friday, April 18, 2008

Update on the Bubbas

Jack asked me to update his blog today...he is too busy crawling, sucking on cords (until we catch him), pulling the drapes and playing with the dogs to be bothered with this nonsense. Jack slept all night and his appetite has returned to normal. (We knew that wouldn't take long!) He is smiling more and seems to like all his bath toys, especially the crocodile and hippo that squirt water. We have read his bath book, "Pat the Bunny In the Tub" more than enough times and have decided it is probably time to retire it. Doctor Dan reports that the incision is getting better and better and we are no longer giving Jack his tylenol with codeine before the dressing changes. Nurse Murphy and Nurse Finnegan continue their mantra that "A bone a day keeps the doctor away." Jack's not so sure about that. His version sounds more like "A bottle every few hours keeps me from crying."
Thanks again everyone for all your love, support, and encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Oh my..we didn't know exactly what you were going through but you have been in our thoughts and prayers. We are so happy to hear that Jack is getting back to his old self and that the surgery went so well. You know if you need anything (food, cookies) just call!
Nancy and Steve Helmers

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Ya'll hang in there and take care of one another. Love from MN!