Sunday, April 13, 2008

Texas Bluebonnets

What the heck were my parents thinking? What 8-month old who now has the ability to be mobile wants to sit in a bunch of purple flowers? Goodness gracious, I finally had to start crying so we would get out of there!!!!!!!


Jen and Shawn Day said...

Finally, a picture of a grumpy Jack. If it honestly takes sitting among itchy wildflowers to get him to fuss you are truly blessed and gifted parents!!!

Amber said...

I agree.... I'm glad to see he's a "normal" baby who cries sometimes too! haha :) What a cutie though, I love seeing all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Turpins-- I am writing from MN to remind you to be grateful for your green, warm and flowerfilled city.
I am experiencing the longest winter ever! I am jealous for your flowers and barefoot options.