Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mark your calendars!!!

I have been thinking about Jack's birthday and what we want to do to celebrate him. I thought the perfect idea was sometime around his birthday (which is close to the day we lost him) Dan and I would donate blood every year. I shared this idea with my friend who works at the Blood Bank and while he thought it was a good idea, he said we could take it a step further!
What is the grand idea you say??? On Friday, September 24th, we will be having a "Jack Turpin" blood drive! If you are a blood donor, please consider joining us or...if you live out of state and give blood, take time to donate in honor of Jack where you live. What better gift then to give life! We will have a mobile van that will be in honor of Jack that will be coming to Manor and all blood donors will receive a "Hey Cupcake!" cupcake after donating! (Of course!) I need 20 people for them to come out so if you would like to join us, please let me know! I really want this to be a success!


Julie P. said...

I will definitely donate blood for Jack! James probably will too! What an awesome idea!

Amber said...

I'll be on my annual trip to visit my parents in Florida that week, but I will always remember getting your text last year during my trip and I'll definitely be thinking about you and Jack this year, too. I'm so glad you'll be celebrating with a Hey Cupcake and honoring Jack's life in this way. I hope it becomes a yearly tradition!

avaz mommie said...

AWSOME IDEA! I will donate for sweet Jack for sure. I LOVE LOVE the idea.