Friday, January 1, 2010

A perfect end to 2009

It should be no surprise that the end of 2009 was a relief in this house! Let 2010 be full of joy, health, happiness and sweet memories!
The City of Austin has an event called "First Night Austin" on New Years Eve. It is an eclectic mix of artists, food, fireworks, snow, exhibits, performances and a Grand Procession. It is all alcohol free and family focused. The perfect thing for our little family when you have a kiddo that needs to go to bed early! For the Love of Christi, the support group we attend, was asked to march in the parade. A local art class made large purple hearts for us to carry, signs and pictures of doves. We were told to bring a picture of our loved one to march with. The timing could not have been more perfect for us. We weren't sure what we were going to do and it seemed so fitting to have one last tribute to J-Boogie right before we said "Adios!" to 2009. Lourdes and Duane joined us to march in Jack's honor and I walked with such pride and love for our little boogie down Congress Avenue. The capital was lit up in the background, 1000's of people were lined the streets as we held high our sweet picture of JACK! A stranger yelled "Go Jack!" as we walked by...if they only knew how much that made our night. It was a great celebration and I was so happy to be able to show Jack's smiling face to so many people.
Happy 2010 Everyone!


The Lunoff Adventures said...

GO JACK! Love love the Elmo shirt!

holzer29 said...

Hello, you don't know me, but one my friends follows your blog and somehow i ended up here. I am wiping tears from my face and i cannot stop crying for you. Your Jack, such a beautiful boy, and i can't express the admiration i have for you enough. you are an amazing mommy and an even more courageous soul for doing this journey of healing in such a way that you do just that, heal. Thankfulness for the moments we have and enjoying what is right in front of us, that is what comes to mind for me. SO many times as Mommy's we have the temptation
to forget that our children are blessings. It seems that you never forgot this. I wish i could say something to take away your pain, but your story, your Jack is touching the hearts of whoever reads this blog. So keep sharing, keep writing. My heart has been made so thankful for what is in front of me. My prayers are going to be with you from here on out.
here is the link to my blog.