Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our visit to San Diego!

Wow...what a whirlwind trip we had. I will call it a "trip," not a "vacation" because it seemed that Dan and I needed to come back to work to relax. Kate was a wonderful traveler and Jack, well, he did the best he could! It was a challenge to get naps in while fighting off a runny nose the whole time. Jack crawls out of a pack 'n play so his bed was the floor. It worked great until he kept sliding under the bed and would lift his head and hit it. Poor kid. We stayed in a beach house in Ocean Beach (THANKS ALLISON AND AARON!), Dan and I decided we were way too old for the beach...we should have known there would be trouble when we saw a "Happy Birthday Todd" banner and a keg outside of the house next to us. Needless to say, the police were present that evening trying to shut the party down, I was so happy but it didn't work. At 12:30 that night, a parade of 150 people on stilts came down the road with 2 police cars following them. I yelled "Dan! Come here! There are people on stilts!" I think he thought I had lost my mind until he saw it too. Thank goodness the rest of our travels this summer don't involve a time change...Jack didn't quite adjust and our mornings started each day at 5:40. Ugh!
We had a wonderful time seeing all of our friends and eating at all the places we have missed for so long. I was so excited to take Kate to Trader Joe's, boy did we have fun in there! We met Baby Milo, which was our reason for coming to San Diego, Congrats Allison and Aaron, he is a cutie-pie. We also meet Breeonna, in the photos above, who is Kyle's fiance. (Kyle was the ring-leader in Dan and my meeting!) We had such a great time with you guys, thanks so much for making the 9 hour drive to meet up with the Texas Turpins, come visit us soon!!!! We miss you Bree-T!

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