Monday, July 11, 2011

Is that your brother?

Clerk: "Is that your brother?" pointing at Quinn who did look like a boy, she only had a white onesie on.

Kate: "Yes." turning to look at Quinn.

Clerk: "What is his name?"

Kate: "Jack."

It doesn't seem as dramatic as a type this but as I pushed our cart out of the store, tears filled my eyes. Kate is pretty talkative to people in the community at most times so I don't try to intervene unless she isn't saying anything. It was interesting to watch this conversation unfold. Kate is 100% aware that Quinn is her sister and knows who Quinn is, of course. In the mind of a 2 1/2 year old, it was probably a bit confusing when the question was asked because she knows that "brother" and "Jack" go hand-in-hand. It is so strange; almost two years later how we get little reminders of Jack. As I pulled up the blog to write this, Kate saw the top picture of Jack and Dan and said:

"Jack! Jack! I love Jack, he's in heaven." as she walks away to put her cup in the sink complete with a chocolate milk mustache.

As Kate learns more and understands this crazy world she was born into I hope that her feelings about Jack "being in heaven, hanging out with Evan" (as she always says...we don't know who Evan is and think it is just her months ago trying to say heaven) that his death seems natural and just a part of life. As I watch the sisterhood of Kate and Quinn progress and how much they love each other, I am so grateful that Jack passed away before Kate was cognitive of him being gone. Kate is so protective of Quinn, smothers her with hugs and kisses, they love to wrestle and Kate is always very aware of where Quinn is and where she should be. I can't imagine having to explain to Kate if all of a sudden she was gone. Oh, the things to be grateful for...


The Chaplins said...

Precious Kate! Thanks for sharing, Kristen. I know that must have hit a soft/sensitive spot in your soul. It's so wonderful to hear how Kate remembers him, though.

The Lunoff Adventures said...

I still love (and tears well up) everytime we read the book that Jack gave Hannah for her 2nd birthday. She calls it "Jack's book". Miss the little guy!