Monday, August 23, 2010

Jack Turpin Blood Drive-a-rama!

To celebrate Jack and his sweet life, we will be having a blood drive as previously posted about on September 24, 2010 in Manor! The blood mobile bus is coming to ShadowGlen! If you live here and would like to join us, please do so! Jack's favorite, "Hey Cupcake!" is donating cupcakes to everyone who donates blood. Our goal is to have 30 people donate. If you live outside of Texas, feel free to donate where you live to continue giving the gift of life.
To register here...go to
Click on "Donate Blood," the bottom orange left-hand box. On the next page that opens, there will be tabs on the right-side. About half way down, there is another "Donate Blood" tab, click there. It will then say "Step 1," and there is a space to enter a sponsor code, type "Jackturpin" (all one word), that should get you to where you need to go.
A million thanks to my fabulously talented friend, Amy Barthel, for making such great posters that capture the spirit of Jack and this event perfectly and to Ken Smith for printing posters for us to distribute! You guys are the best!


jen kelley said...

Wow, Krissy! You are amazing with all the sweet and wonderful ways you are constantly remembering Jack! I would love to give blood,but am pregnant! Can I still donate in Feb? Thanks for being so amazing! Jack was a lucky boy to have such a wonderful mother!!

iheartdesign said...

You are the best mom! what a great way to celebrate Jack. Thinking of you guys!

soccerfrog said...

I told dan that I would come and donate but on wednesday night i had to have emergency surgery on my apendix and i can't drive. But I still think of Jack every day and he changed the way I babysit. Also when ever I have a soccer game down there, I would stop by Jacks bench and say hi.

auntcat said...

I was so sorry I couldn't be there. In honor of Jack I did a little baking and of course it included cupcakes! The treats went to a family who is loosing a mom to cancer and a family of a little boy in our neighborhood who is fighting a brain tumor. He is 10 and has 13 months of treatment ahead of him. Cheers Jack!