Thursday, January 15, 2009

My First Library Card!

After storytime at the library, we signed up for my own library card! I guess once you're a "Big Brother" and can assume all of the responsibilities that accompany such a title, you qualify for a library card too! I checked out two books and didn't pay a bit of attention when Mom and Dad read them to me before bed.
Mom was really happy to join me and Dad at storytime. She sat in the back with Baby Kate, laughing, as I paid no attention to the storie and puppets, but walked around saying "hi" to everyone and acting like I owned the place. I did LOVE the bubbles at the end though...

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Allison said...

You really are a supermom! Just gave birth and already out and about at Storytime! Jack and Kate are so lucky. I wish I could be there in Austin with you (I will be right there in mommyhood with you in just a few weeks!)