Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today was dedicated to Jack! Dan and I thought of all the things our little bugger would love to do and did them all! We know it isn't long before his life changes quite drastically too so we thought it was only appropriate to enjoy "Just Jack" for a day. It's crazy to think, it will never be "Just Jack" in 7-8 short weeks. We spent most of the day outside or in water which is a recipe for success in J's book.
Our morning started at a fantastic park near our house. The dogs had fun too and as you can tell, are very protective of their little Jack as he played close by. We all took a nap after and then headed to a park in downtown Austin that had fabulous fountains spraying water. Jack had a blast, it was so fun to watch. (His poor diaper!) After, we went to Lifetime Fitness and went swimming. When we entered the pool area, Jack squealed in delight and wasted no time walking into the water. We ended the day at the Children's Museum where Jack ran around playing/touching with all the toys. After a snack of pumpkin bread, we read "Goodnight Moon" and called it a day! A wondeful day at that!!
Thanks so much Jack for making our lives wonderful over the past 15 months! We would trade our mornings sleeping in for the smile on your face anyday. Your joie de vivre, sense of humor, patience, and personality are amazing and we are so proud of you. We love you!


Sara Ballard said...

What a delightful day!! Hope you get a few more like that before this new sweet baby comes!!

Brooke a.k.a. 34B cup said...

Ohhhhhh fun!!!

The Chaplins said...

I want to be Jack for a day!!! This post is priceless.

Briana and George said...

What a great idea! Now you need a Mom day before the baby comes ;) I cant believe how big Jack is getting- what a cutie. Makes me excited for Luke to get older and find such joy out of life's little things.