Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love to be tickled!

Jack says, "My Uncle Kris showed my mom how I love to be tickled. Uncle Kris is so funny when he grabs my belly and makes silly noises at me. In this video, mom is tickling me but you should hear me when Uncle Kris does it!"


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you all posted this, I love this blog and the pics are super. We were wondering how you all were doing and of course great as I can see.
Jack is too cute and I love the giggling..
Thanks for sharing.
We love and miss you guys!
Angela and the Mitchell family!!

Anonymous said...

I want to suck his little face off he's SO cute!!!!

Post MORE videos! I Love it!!!!

Steph from MN

Aunt J said...

We're not going to let Uncle Kris find out he isn't the only one who can back Baby J squeal from tickles like that! :0